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Master of Arts (Education) Thesis 2002 “Private Piano Pedagogy and Educational Theory”

Doctor of Education Thesis 2009 “Independent Music teachers Building professional Knowledge Through Collaborative Research”

Research Presentations given at: 

International Society for Music Education (ISME) international conferences and Research symposiums in Portugal, Italy, China, Greece and Scotland (2008-2016)

Pan Canadian Music Education symposium III, University of Victoria, BC (2009) “Widening the Boundaries of Music Education – Music and Community”.  Canadian Music Teachers Association.

International Scientific Conference – “Problems in Music Pedagogy”. Daugavpils University, Latvia (2009). 

ISME North American Seminar, Anaheim, California (2010)

Panel member – Symposium -  “ Research Agenda for Music Pedagogy”. University of Ottawa (2014).

Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association Bi-annual Conference. National Music Teachers’ Association Annual Conference(USA). Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers’ Association Annual Conference. 

Formed the NSRMTA’s Independent Music Teachers’ Research Group in 2003, with the intention of controlling our own research agenda and working collaboratively to construct our own knowledge about those areas we considered problematic in the field of music teaching in the private studio. Our research shared the experiences of five independent music teachers within a collaborative practitioner research group contextualized within the field of IMTs teaching in Nova Scotia. 

MTNA Baltimore Conference 2017 - Independent Music Teachers Conducting Collaborative Practitioner Inquiry

MYC International virtual conference 2020 - Two Year Wait List

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